Thursday, 23 February 2012

"='O :)

I don't have the best of everything, but I do have everything... I should be grateful more than I ever have..

baby at the age of 8-10 week

my baby, in around half a year, you'll be born out from your mother's womb in to this world insyAllah.. and there's nothing that I could ever wanted more as a father than for you to become a faithful Muslim, who know himself and his Creator, lover of the ones who He has loved, and among the resident of His highest Jannah.. 

in every heart, there's a spiritual will to find their Creator, it's depend on them weather to nurtures the spirituality or kills it.. and only by fulfilling this spiritual part that you will ever find peace in your heart. Do remember that the world will try to lure you on the opposite direction, so be aware of the deceiver, he is your enemy so treat him like an enemy.

Hold fast to the word of Allah, and the sunnah of the prophet so that you may be rightly guided. 
I always pray for you to become a hafiz/hafizah one day, who understand His word better than I ever have.

When you are on a crossroad, follow the safest path which is the middle, and beware of both extreme, for you can see when a tree grow in an open field, it will grow-up straight; but a tree which grow in a cave, will grow slandering only to the side where the light penetrates. 

Be humble in what ever you do, speak the truth even if its hurt, be patient in the worst of trials, be grateful for what ever you have, be a gentle and a loving person, especially to the closest relative, orphanage and people in need. Try your best to follow the character of the beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. In him is the best example for you to follow, so know him better than I ever have.

Some of my word, you might only understand at a certain point in your life, but remember this, be sincere in your journey to understand it all. 

me and your lovely mom is eager to have you around :)  <3  "='O

"Ya Allah, kurniakanlah anak kami Akidah yang sempurna, Iman yang sempurna, Akhlak yang sempurna, dan Jasad yang sempurna.. dan tiupkanlah rohnya dari kalangan ahli syurga dan kekasihMu.. Amin Ya Rabbal'Alamin"

Saturday, 4 February 2012

With Love

O Allah! Bestow blessings and peace on Sayyidina Muhammad, the beloved of the Beneficent, and the most precious in all creation 
who is present with whoever sends blessings on him in every age and place, and on his family and companions and good followers.

Lets spend our time to read, learn and understand the life journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, SallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam. May we all be included among those who love him more than our own families and ourselves, and will be rewarded with love from him and his intercession in the Day of Judgement. 

If there is a creation to be love and being loved by, than nothing is better than Muhammad SallAllahu 'Alaihi wasallam, the seal of the prophets, the prince of both worlds, the messenger to every nation, the best of all creation... 

- with love,